The allotments are situated in Boyatt Lane, where they have been for a hundred years or more. Originally they extended as far as Pitmore Road, but when the Council Boundaries were reviewed it was found that half of the allotments were situated in the Eastleigh area, and then Lincolns Rise was built 1950 – 1951 on this other half.

Years ago allotment holders were allowed to keep chickens and pigs on their ground – and did so, but today this is not allowed.

The allotments are owned by the Parish Council. In 1979 a group of holders formed a Garden and Allotment Association, where members can buy seeds and fertilisers at reasonable prices, which has proved successful.

The rent for the allotments is collected once a year at the beginning of April. Years ago the rent for ten rod of allotment was three shillings and four pence (3/4) – 32p today, now it is £35 a year. In 1947 – 48 it was decided to have a water supply connected.

The allotment holders dug the trench and a Mr Lewis put in the pipes and few taps, which was very much welcomed. The original building, north of the allotments, used to be the Fire Station up to the Second World War. Then it was pulled down and another building was erected which was going to be used as a Mortuary during the War; it was never used. It is now a garage and store.

Otterbourne Allotments